Japan is hot now and crowd at the train station are at worst, espescially the smell. Out of nowhere, there was an oldman sits on the platform and seemed exhausted or maybe sick. Like no other in anywhere, here unless you are sick and unable to stand up, people  choose to wait in order by standing up. So, unable to act spontaneously (first, I don’t speak Japanese, second I don’t do Japanese means I am alien and being afraid of inapropriate response it might be, and third I had no gut), I just hope that somebody will finally at least come to him and ask if he needs help or anything.

The answer is much better. Like a rainbow, here comes a beautiful girl – very pretty, very charming and fresh and her body is like a 3D manifestation of John Mayer’s song (“Your body is a wonderland”). I look at this rainbow once and for a moment forgot about that oldman. Because she was better than Zang Zi Yi in House of Flying Dagger, it was likely she will hurrying to catch a train as any of us will do. But eventually, she was approaching that oldman, bend over  with sympathy and I guess had given the oldman thousand sparkles of beautifulness that made him smile and relieved. She was the only one with the heart of Mother Theresa and evenmore because she was the most beautiful ones at the moment.

I guess there is beauty and there is kindheartedness. It’s rarely  and truthfully blend together. Somebody just born to be beutifully appealing and has a heart of a  mother at the same time . No need other explanations, no need all the hard work. She is perfect.


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