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The Whining
The best input comes from the worst enemy, or the best input comes with different angles. I am talking about my school, stubbornly proud of it. I am talking about smallest part of its responsibility, the publication , and smaller component of it, online publication a.k.a website. Obviously, nobody cares about it and I am insulted to let my friends access that website.It directly humiliates my credibility as a staff member of one of the best design school in Indonesia.

The Fact
Poorly designed, barely updated, and the contents are nothing but just to fill the lorem ipsum. There are no roadmap, education policies, research/project activities, curriculla and other important statements that makes this  school worth considering if I am a father whose daughter want to be a really good architect. The template is unchanged from the last time I checked. That was two years ago. In today’s term, if you are not exist in WWW then you partically phased- out. It is a school, not a blog. And WWW is not just a must because everybody else done it, but it IS our frontpage. Of course nobody will listen to me. I had been there, done some that and exhausted. Not gave up, exhausted. One action at a time is never enough to build a new culture.

Do we need an official website? Every school in the world has it. And again, it is not the gimmick of IT. It is where we can stand among the crowd and ready to be known as who we are, what we do and what is our responsibilities in educating Indonesia’s future architects. We are in the world full of fierce competitions, and one simplest way to offer our best is by using WWW. Otherwise, just delete index.php. Never goes to a battle with unprepared mind.

The Action
The hardest part is nothing compare with to switch the paradigm and culture. The WWW is regarded still, as a boy’s toy.

I am still, exhausted.


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