The Song

Internet is gold mine. Espescially when you know where and how to dig. Google, Bing and Facebook are not everything (well, actually I don’t know anything about Facebook). Once I have this melody of an old song that keep in my head for almost 22 years since the first time I’ve heard back in junior high school. I know the beat, I know the melody but I don’t know the title, the singer or the lyric. Yeah, try to solve those problems with search algorithms. How to search a song using arbitrary melodies? How to index and tag sound files? or multimedia files? Since we limit the input by only keyboard, then current search algorithm seems appropriate enough. But how, if interfacing with computer is mediated through our mind? Whatever, I am not going into that. I am just being happy because I found that song.

Yeah, after 22 years, I finally found THE song. Listening to this song reminds me of those days, when the  social networking is broadcasted only by the radios. Using public telephone to called upon a radio station, request this song for somebody and hope at the same time she tuned at the same frequency. Ah, those forgotten days. Received a message through public broadcaster actually means something yet, as I recall, it remains our anonimities because rarely we used our real name, hihi. But that was how the game began. The curiousity, the excitement, although we saw each other (maybe) at the school , we remain stay in our comfort zone (or, pityness as I may see it now).

Still, the excitement is genuine. Compare to today’s social networking where even a very mundane action can be very public, I think the genuine and the meaning is degraded. Because mostly I don’t know the public, I don’t meet them in face to face. Generally speaking, they don’t exist but just an updated text.

Well, this is just me – enjoying the lost and remind-of-those-days song.

I feel energize again.


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