Baader Meinhof Complex


Wow. It been long time since the last time I watch German-spoken movie (what was that? Oh yes, Goodbye Lenin). I feel like in Bavaria again where jeder mann spricht Deutsch. Haha. Ah well, another days, another life.

If you are young, reckless, campus activist-wannabe or pure activist who has a heart of fire and look at nothing but yourself achieving your own idealist goal and also, mind nothing about free lifestyle with full and partial nudities (because your heart always set in a fire, you pays less about sensitivity or morality), then this is a must-see (at least better than Dead Poet Society, hihi). This movie won last year’s Oscar for best foreign film. I don’t know but this movie was all about rebellion.

If there is something so engaging in this movie it was the rage for reform, passion manifests into rebel (with strong causes) and these youngster carried out their own goals with their own ways. So spontaneous, so anarchy and so loud because there will be no other way. They represented the zeitgeist of the late 60’s. One thing for sure, they didn’t fight for money or politics (in some ways). The fought for what they believed. Beside, as student, who need more charm when you are an activist with hundreds followers and have magnificent hot-smoking girlfriend as a sidekick? It is an every activist day dream.

If we burn one car, it is criminal.
If we burn hundreds cars, it is political statement.


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