Today is the day I permit myself to be…lazy. Actually at most Saturday and Sunday, I am a lazyman. Maybe something bothers me and I am unwilling to beat this day. Still feels gulilty as eating something pork-y. Somebody once told me to do best is when our mind think it’s the time. So today, my mind commands me to stay at home, do some house works and think of anything other than study. I realize there is not so much to think that I think it would be. I am just being numb for today.

I was wrong. The key is not to think but to feel. I really miss my little precious. Every single day.

If I extent the probability of my lifetime, one day of lazyness is a benign compare to, I do not know- ten, fifteen years from now or even twenty years where I hope I can still recall this day with gratitudes. Would it matter?

I read, watch something to fire my spirit up. Like a fierce trainer yelled at the boxer at the corner of the ring, I feel like I need to be stroke by a lightning. Of course if there are raid of lightning strike frequently, it might becomes source of numb-ness as well.:=D


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