Oldboy (part 2)


When I first saw about one year ago, I barely understand the complication and the orchestra of vengeance as main flavour of this movie. After I saw two of others vengeance trilogy by the same director (Sympathy for Mr. and Lady Vengeance, the other two) I think I can actually grasp what is it about the director want us to feel in this noir movie. And it is vengeances that has deeper, twisted reality than meet the eye. It is all about sweet revenge.

This director, by those three movies – again, about vengeance- has very unique tastes of cinematography and story telling. The story itself is mind-blowing, sick and twisted. On some scenes, even I can laugh in bitter scenario of no-win situations.I can recognize that in some of Korean movies, the action scene is like never before. The angles, the convincing impacts. Almost at the moment I surely believe most of the actors were injured. Crazy filmmakers. On cinematography, this movie is  full of memorable-photogenic scenes.

But I guess no one can beats the story (maybe just Takeshi Miike in Audition). One had imprisoned for 15 years without questioning and suddenly released. The question is not why he being imprisoned but instead, why he had released. That is the storyline of this movie. It is not ike Saw or any Holywood-made this kind of genre where awful and disturbing scene like pulling teeth or cutting flesh into pieces become amusement for the pleasure of viewing, this movie has background story that made me chill. I wonder it is just in Asia or any other part of the earth has the culture that endurance in pain means everything in life, if not the only thing.

Anyway, if there is an obscene feature I almost throw up  that is the one where the protagonist were eating squid. alive.


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