The Last Lecture- Randy Pausch


I don’t know if this is happen as a coincidence or not. I just bought this book last week, before my father passed away and just finished reading it. What an amazing book, considering by the time Prof. Pausch gave this lecture and wrote this book, he knew he only had a few weeks to live. (video version of his last lecture is available in YouTube)

When first time I saw this book, I suspected this was some kind of  last wisdom or the last important words given by outstanding professor before he go for retirement. Because Prof . Pausch was an expert in Virtual Reality (he was from Computer Science) , I expected this last lecture would be full of VR or VE with a lot of what would be, or what if and other things that could engage VR enthusiasts and students in curiosity.

Apparently, this book is about life, written by a man who successfully achieved his childhood dream, living it and even terminal illness could not stop him from enjoying every moment in his last life. About every chapter of this book tells story almost chronology, with lesson-learned by end of it . He did not established himself as one of prominent name in VR or award-winning professor in Carnegie-Mellon, instead in this book he represented himself as a boy, as human being tried to make the most of the time he has. The lectures in this book is about achieving the dream and enabling the dreams of others.

Such a full of learning experiences.

After read this book, I made little question of mine: what is my dream? Does my living now is  pursuing those or other dream? I think this is the importance of childhood dream, because in our subconsciousness system, we set the goal of our life- our purpose of why we are here. Without it, I would be like robot or zombie (?). Some might argue that our path of life is already set by the time we were born, and destiny will force us to get there. That is why some live in different life that they want to  and later, they become accustomed. But I think the happiest man on earth is he who lives in his childhood dream. Living every moment exactly like he always dream as a kid.

It is not necessarily rich, or have the most beautiful woman on the galaxy.

I vaguely remember, I always want to be a building engineer (not exactly an architect, I did not know the term yet). I fascinated by buildings, drawing and imagining sit on top of the building. As I grew up, I forget those dream and came up again when I choose subject to enter the university. Finally I choose architecture as the first priority. See, I guest the dream is always there. But then, there are always other dreams. When I first encountered with video game (age 12) I dream to have the most sophisticated video game for my own so I can play along without losing my money. I haven’t get that yet but I am in the path now.

I never have a dream to be the richest man on earth or the smartest man in school. Well, I guess better leave it for the destiny.


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