Mourning Still

How long does it takes for mourning somebody that suddenly disappear? Death is inevitable and the hardest part is the fact that I- we, will never see him again. Yet, he is always in my mind every time I start to go for study or doing research. I remember his advices, his wisdom. I want his spirit still be part of mine and convert this sadness into energy that engage me throughout my days, enhance my motivation so I can look for each morning with  full enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, we are all human and we are allowed to mourn, to sense the hollow. After all, each of us will depart as well. We can not change the card that been given to us. One day when my time is up, I hope the process would be smooth like his. Death came straight at the time without prolonged with sickness or miseries. Just called for a soul to depart.

Father, you were surely blessed.

Insya Allah.


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