I know my appetite for music is like rainbow. Sometimes I listen to Tchaikovsky, Beethoven ( I think they are all have same nuances..bwahahaha) to force me to sleep. Sometimes guitar cries from heavy metal bands make me wake up and full of fighting spirit. There are garbage and there are diamonds. At least I know when my mood would like to pick one of those. At times like these, I found songs from rock band (or punk rock? ) from Bali, my home town. I like their name: Superman is Dead. I think part of it’s mean suppose to be antithesis of whatever which is settled. No heroes, full of rebellion spirits, yeah, at least they are a bit different from most of the (raising) bands in my country now. Little bit of Ramones, The Offspring, Greenday, Blink 182 and the like, the sound of SID is rough, bumpy and noisy if you compare them with Dream Theater (hey, it’s not fair, is it?). Even if you compare them with local rock band like Andra and The Backbones, Baron (which I like as well). Did I mention they are Punk Rock?  And why they are so fond of whiskey? It tastes like gasoline.


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