A good friend of mine will get married this upcoming month. He is almost 99% got his PhD by end of next month, so it will be hell of busiest moment in his life. Tell me about it. Nonetheless, he got both of the prizes right? I couldn’t happier more to congratulate him and wish all the best. Married is a good thing. Although you’ll never know until you got there.:-)

So, this words just flow – maybe I am just being mellow

For a friend of mine

“In time when you both feel as inseparable as one,
always remember on what makes you complete each other,
remember the differences that complement each others,
for love always takes two of a kind,
that make it complete

But if there is time,
when you think your ship reaches the bottom of the sea,
always remember the first time you saw all the sparks on each other,
for love is not about heart and feelings,
it is about blending of two souls,
unite by moments that take your breathes away.”

God bless committed souls.


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