The Problem of Immortality

The concept of immortality is confusing me. Why some want to live forever anyway? Because they want the joy of live and fulfill their thirst till eternity? Life is good and surprising, and in life pain is inevitable as well. For me, the problem of immortality is off course- remembrance. If the physics is not a concern, then metaphysics is. The joy, excitement, experience, pain, good, bad are all in my head. Physics know nothing about these values. And if these are accumulated – forever-, I can not imagine how miserable it is because the storage in my head is not designed to delete anything.  And even if these life are full of all happiness, how can I make sure that I am not living in bored and fatigued? Immortality is imbalance and I and maybe us, always live to seek the balance. Just like  the final scene in Dracula movie, the death finally came after thousand years . The Count was miserably happy more than anything to face his mortality.

That is why- perhaps– some people still enjoy smoking, using drugs. Are they wasting their life? maybe, but another reason is life is enjoyable only in particular time frame. Even in history, my prophet died as normal human being – whom shall be granted the whole eternity of heaven.
Does in heaven we still have desire of anything?  I don’t know, maybe that is another heaven.

For me, I wish I would die in an appropriate time.


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