Fear of the enjoyment

The fear is most likely what you are going to encounter next – they said. Yeah, in my entire life- it is proven in me – a lot. Should I better not afraid of anything then? Maybe that is not wise at all, because in fear I feel a sense of survival and it grows my adrenalin to be prepared on what comes next. Whatever. I fear character modeling and rigging – not hated, because I still have my curiosities in them. And here I am now, deal a lot with character modeling, rigging, tracking and  if its not enough, mocap data and AI programming. If learning is a mechanism for metamorphosis, I hope I can be a completely new person someday by through these processes. The other fear is not that I am not enjoy this modeling/programming process, instead I am afraid that I am too much enjoy that forget to oversee the big picture, my research topic and goal. Hahaha.

Oh boy. My lab for my experiment slash study slash analysis is my PC only. They are all numbers!


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