A Thousand Years of Good Prayers


In any modern society, wisdom these days has looses it grips  and overtaken by eficiency, productivity and others jargons in the name of  modernity.But in Eastern wisdom, China particularly, sometime it needs a geological scale to measure something in philosophical way. As Yai-lin in this movie said: “It takes three hundreds years of good prayers for somebody for crossing a river with someone on a boat, and it takes a thousand years of good prayers to share a pillow with someone”. I never heard a methaphorical wisdom as deep as this one, but sure it is not strange since it came from China – a land of true believers where purification of souls can only be achieved through sufferings and unimaginable patience.

Well, this is a good flick. Some of the conflicts are like a stab right in my heart and those wounds surely will never be healed unless it covered by another states after another until a thousand years. This father, represent ordinary man who seeks for another chance to regain or redeem his past to his daughter whom he barely spoken in the last 12 years.

His daughter, a widow, who think has her own recipes to deal with her life (who hasn’t?) reluctantly accepts  any of her father’s intervention until each of them realize something which is not yet known by both. I think I will know how his feels when someday my daughter will no longer need me and blame me for what happen with her parents. I just don’t have any other justification to excuse.

Like in this movie, they are all have their own piece of heart that reconcile each other although  it might took  thousand years more to be finally recovered.


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