Physics of the Impossible – Dr. Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku

Once when I entered graduate school back in Bandung, my senior gave me a book titled: Vision– by Dr. Michio Kaku. He said this book was a must-read by anyone who entered grad school ( back then I wonder why? we were not studied theoretical physics or the likes, we are designers – and we are mostly hated science). Anyhow, I read it and mesmerized by how the author gave tangible explanations about the future of mankind – light years ahead. For a young-average brain-technology aficionado like me, I thought this guy is like our guy – common people. The one who speaks about physics and science in a common sense- StarTrek way. I wish I’ve had him as my physics lecturer, no- I wished I had better mind so I can  enter Harvard.


This newest book by the same author also gave funky explanation about several phenomena which are like impossible to happen at least within our generation of civilization and knowledge base, at least  within this century. I mentioned funky because the way he exposes those impossibilities mostly based on science-fiction. Yeah baby, we are among the dreamers that scientist are keen to follow to realize. Time travel, teleportation, invisibility, ray-gun, energy shield are among those topics that although at first I (and perhaps others too) always thought it is impossible and just sci-fi gimmick- maybe at some class of impossibility,  will become possible. Although some of these inventions require new basic of physical law, new materials that maybe not even exist in reality but just in theory, given to the development of all brainiacs on earth, we may witness it some day – in our 7th reincarnation.

In my average headspeed, his explanation seems practical. In teleportation for example, he said that we need huge step of the development in quantum theory because only by that, we can open the Pandora of being in time and space at the same time. I really like this particular topic along with the cloak of invisibility that needs radical development of Maxwell’s theory in optical physics.

If I could fly and become invisible, that would be the best “- Chandler.

I think it still relevant that old man said: The science of today is technology of tomorrow.


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