Fringe and The Parallel Universe

Fringe slowly get more my attention and it never let me down. The grand mystery and theme I think wrapped up from this 20 episode, the multi-parallel universe. Yeah, X-files had UFO, Alias had Milo Rambaldi, and Fringe has Massive Dynamics with more-and more surprising inventions. I like the idea and begin to check out whether my brain is not scratching to read the latest – one of my favorite physic writer: Dr. Michio Kaku. I am still reading his book about The Physics of the Impossible, even the title alone has caught my desire. (I forgot  I have The Physics of Star Trek, but- whatever– I think I have lost it). I begin to suspect there is far more great secrets behind Massive Dynamics and in every character- this sound perfect for the next season.

Since this week I’ve been occupied with reading and programming and testing and failing and testing and reading, I don’t think this is my best week. Maybe this week is one of those time when I need to fly back at the distance, look for my trajectory so far – what is it am I doing. Meh, yeah right- that was just my lame excuse. I am just not in the mood or, in Joey’s word- my work was a bismo!

I know, I just miss my daughter – terribly.

This Fringe also makes me have desire to visit Harvard University (or it’s neighbor, MIT) someday – the place where I might got sense to be more clever just by visiting it (btw, it is not coming from the newest Transformer2 trailer pick-up lines).


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