PhD Defense

My lab mate will have his PhD defense presentation this Saturday. I know what it means. It means three years of single object of study with a lot of pressures and colorless life will be judged in a ‘killing‘ session within 2.5 hours. It also means at least three questions of: What, Why and How will have to be answered in most elaborated-analytic-for whatever that means- way. I hope he will pass with minor amendment.

But I guess it’s just a beginning for the new frontier. For me, life begins after PhD. Doesn’t it? Where all my prays, hopes and dreams will finally reach a new horizon. Part of me don’t want to go back to where I belong – never. I must depart to another island where I will usable and meaningful. Whatever I will be.

Anyway. I always got this feeling before any of importance event such as this examination. Even when it is not mine. Nervous, lack of confident, feel that my works will  not hard enough and maybe worst- lead to wrong way or my work is not that important to any betterment of the human race civilization. That’s why we are still bear student ID.

I have still two years more behind this schedule and hope that there is no  armageddon in the world so I can finish my purpose here.


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