Spirited Away(2001) – Hayao Miyazaki

Who said animation is just for our childhood rememberance?  This movie is all about values. Love, devotion, trust, obedience, and transformation. Despite this is the only anime- so far- that was awarded by Oscar and beat Titanic’s box office in Japan, at first I was not too convinced. But then the  first fifteen minutes of this movie was hillarious and dragged me since.

Like any of Japan folklore -and I am sure I can find its counterparts in Indonesia’s, this whole story centralize on the supra natural realm where human sometime, under particular state, can enter or forced to enter the demonic world where goblins, spirits and other mythical creatures lived. The beauty of this movie is the heroin – Chihiro was with her pure heart and it saved her throughout this story. Somehow the representation of spirits is far from shallow depiction. Rather, each character and its interactions send multiple messages of interpretation. It seems relevant even today and with today’s contextual problems.

That was one terrific scene where Chihiro finally can revealed the true name of  her dragon friend. Suddenly he transformed into human being -or spirit of the river-  and both of them flying hand -in hand in the sky. That was emotional, both kids expressed their friendships and wholeheartedly on each others.

Thus I understand why in most Japanese folklore, we are taught to respect nature. I found it in my native folklore too. Folklore taught us many values in life eventhough I tend to forget where more and more layers of rationalities and ego-centric as grown-up always cloud the sense of being human.

I guess now I have one more story to tell for My little princess.


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