Stay the same

The world is much more beyond your comprehension, my precious. By time, you will learn how we, grown by nature or choice can make everything complicated and driven by our complex feelings. And so does the other way around as well. We make our self miserable with great hope that you will be happy. How on earth we expect you to be happy if we aren’t ?

But we have what you don’t have, we can masquerade our true state of feeling so you stay warm on your crib.

As a father, I can be and will be anything you ask for except to become your mother. You always have the one and only woman in your life who shares her life, soul , tears, and blood in you. I am just a man who put her on that state. And as a humble contribution, I will devote my life to raise you until the time you will be grateful to have such a wonderful mother. That’s how it works. You will learn that to become a woman is to take a journey to a miraculous life creation. My life is less wonderful than that.  Nobody will replace both of us and nobody could possibly love you more than us.

As a father, my hands are full of things you won’t want to hear. It’s my burden and I won’t let you hear the other side of the world. I may have those affections to shield you from the outside, but the best guardian angel for you is your mother. For whatever I can I will give you my best. Still, my shield is tinted. For the pure and holy shield, only your mother, your very guardian angel.

For whatever happens, we are still in our very memento when you had delivered. Those big eyes wide open for the first time see the world, see who will guide you through your life. And we graciously happy to welcome you.

Life is full of surprises my precious, I hope this time you surprise me with your little fingers. Help me help you.


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