I’ve got soul but I am not a soldier

I think I ‘ve read it somewhere : Life is how you make it and not about how much breath you take but on the  moments that take your breath away. Not read – it is in the movie.

Philosophers said that possession is poison. You have nothing and you will loose nothing. You expect nothing and you will get something. Those who always carry cups  in full of water will receive nothing rather than the empty one. Library is not for the books that already been read.

I am very tired to have feelings. Is there anyway I can rejoice my life without feelings. I can understand why flowers are so wonderful, why children are so cute, why something is meaningful but without any further penetration  of feelings what so ever. Can we understand meaning rationally? This question maybe become long endeavor researches from Freud to Pinker.

Sumerian believe that our soul is paired with our feelings so it is not in our mind, it is in our heart.  My religion believes  if we lost our soul, we feel nothing. Is it good one or bad? For me maybe it is good one. My Almighty gave me  power to manage whatever I need my feelings back or not. Those are such razorblades to me – functional but if I am not aware, it cuts me.

I will command my soul to train my feelings so it will help develop my personalities not ruin it. It will regain my strength not  weakened it. It will open the truth for me not deceit ones.


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