Sometime like this time, after I looked back what I have done so far, I begin wondering. Does life would be kind enough to me in the future that I can realize whatever comes in my dream about me and my daughter sphere of life called home. Last time I promise her our future together, between telling her bedtime stories and the fact that she almost cried to hear that we will separate again – at least until my promise to her fulfilled.

A home would be for her. With special room decorated with atlas all over the walls so we can tell stories on special location we choose.  It has kaleidoscope-hanging lamp  at the center that shows silhouette of animals rounding as she sleeps, as she surrounded by cutest animals. That room is not just room, it will be cradle for her whatever she want to be pampered with a special best friend called papa. Papa will be papa but he can also become her Lilo or her Polar Bear or her chief or her buddy. A wooden floored terrace to the backyard is a place for her to practice her skill to dance, exercise, painting, or even experimenting with plants and insects as  school’s homework. We can fly our kite there – to fight with another kites . Her papa maybe not the best kite flier and fighter, but sure he is enjoying kiting.

Papa is not allergic to television, perhaps we can discuss it later, but he will prefer broadband internet connection with wi-fi media server that can streams everything all over the house- at least 1GB/s. We can connect, stream, play, listen to the media everywhere in the house. Do not worry, he will prepares a state of the art system so ubiquitous that she will just use , learn and play.

Kitchen will be second playground for us. It must be spacious, with bar-style table and hanging kitchenware. Papa will serve the best meal he can cooks and she will enjoy a cooking class with him. Every morning, we will have breakfast while watching newest feeds on the kitchen internet monitor. Of course papa will prepares her meal to go to school and for himself. The refrigerator is full of ice cream- chocolate for her and vanilla for him, and fresh milk twice a week.

If she want a pet, we can have rabbit or two. Sure she can name it Kitty and his Lilo. We build cage with little door to feed them spinach. We can free them every Sunday morning and look how they will jump and run around our backyard.

Do not worry about his room. It will be hers too. He always want to read her one bedtime story every night until she falls asleep and he carries her to her room. Just like old time.

That is a father’s promise. I hope nothing will changes until I can realize it and she will be happy and grateful.

Then You can take me .


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