I do love reading. Even in my most intimate ritual in the toilet, I read. Back then when I was still lived in a house, I had bookshelf in my bathroom. I read everything. Usually, again- in my previous life, I read 2-3 newspapers a day and bought 2 magazines a week. Some people love to eat, or to ride. I just enjoy reading as much as I enjoy watching movies.

And now I don’t understand, why there are still few E-book readers out there. I probably knew that display technology and battery efficiency still big issues. But hey, E-ink is already used in many public signage here in Tokyo. And not like LCD, OLED and others display technologies that still radiate heat to our eyes, E-ink does not . And it will makes reading pdf files more convenient. Not to mention that a lot e-books available out there, legal or illegal. You can download complete series of Tom Clancy novels if you want. If  colors become consideration, well for me I do not need colors – for now- in E-Books reader. If I want to pamper my eyes, I bought hard copy magazine. Maybe we will met our  next E-ink in the near future without compromising battery life.

And here come choice: Amazon’s kindle 2 or Sony E-book reader. There are some reviews of comparison between these two in the net. Whatever that is, I am sure either of them is suitable for me. Unfortunately Kindle is not for Japanese market so we can not order Kindle  from here. This is a sad fact, maybe because Japanese market is busied with Nintendo DS or PSP :-). Anyway, then I choose Sony Reader. The only it drawback is it does not support Wi-fi or any other wireless connection. The rest is as good as I expected. It is light, durable and the E-ink? Awesome.

Now comes a paradox. If I can get almost any digital version of many interesting books (including novels, dissertations and thesis, journals), do I still need page-flipping books? I always want a room filled with bookshelves (no, with NO thick  encyclopedias). Maybe I have books collections because I want to impress people? some parts of mine might say yes, but for the most  there are some books that can not be replaced by its digital version. And I love to have  collection. (Since I read from Poirot that a boy should has his own collection – any collection).

Music, games, and books are devices for me to live my leisure times in commuting because when you commute two hours a day, you’ll probably need something that keep your mind occupied – not mingling somewhere else or somewhere dirty.


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