AI, my friend

I always knew that the future of game will be on artificial intelligences. From predator-prey scenarios to real-time strategy, to sandbox, to  MMORPG and whatever genres will join later on. From mano a mano combat to massive intelligence crowd like Lord of The Rings or World of Warcraft. Architecture design too, will soon be left behind if not preparing itself or reinvent itself towards what kind of area that such AIs will make benefit in design? Process, method, product? At the end, as Terzidis guess, we as architect will soon realize that the way we make computer understand us will makes it  understand how to think like us. Building Information Modeling pioneering by using relational database to create ‘smart’ component that can ‘understand’ its context. If every building component equipped with such information (physic perhaps, not AI or maybe next gen AI) there will be two scenarios for architect to take consideration : first, design as part of creative process can no longer as ‘creative’ as it will heavily depend on the material or component properties. Physic or next-gen AI on component will react or behave according on its own. CAD will no longer exist because it will component-based, not hypothetical geometries anymore. Second, as a consequences, there will be brewing of new geometries, new architectural entities not even exist by drawing of a human. If recently we are witnessing breed of newly – anti Cartessian (and makes structure engineers angry) architecture objects designed by starchitects, we will soon humbly accept that AI is our design partner. The other guy ( Terzidis’s word).

And that not only for form generation.

AI is uncultivated universe. Because it is complex and because basically it depends on algorithm which is, based on linear process, it seems would never get to the same level at least as the intelligence of a dog. As highly acclaimed profession as architect, we are enjoying at our domain where no one (anyone or anything) else could dare to challenge. Design is a prestigious gift for human. But now slowly but sure, as we begin to quantify anything that at the beginning seems unquantified, we try to understand what at first to be defined as quality. Computer does not count quality, it counts quantity. We finally open the Pandora’s box.

I begin to remember once my friend asked me whether there is software that have such kind of power that if we input certain dimension of the plan of the house, it can shows us 3D design of the house WITH its variants. Still long road toward machine learning, but I am sure we’re working on it.

That’s why I love architecture. So much design and creativity, so much computing, and so much…fun(?).

As Negroponte put it : I entered architecture because I loved art and mathematics. Now I know, that is computer.


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