Horray, Semester Break

The last day of this semester assignment would be submitting my first effort of C++ programming (No, not “Hello World“). Without hesitation, I applied Computer Modeling and Programming Language Class which I presumed will be more or less had something to  enlighten my endeavors. Alas, This class is the foundation of Computer Science course and we didn’t care much of any languages, we care only about how machine can think. So language is something that we have to learn ‘on the fly‘ and fast. Language can be both as a tool and an object (it is said by German Philosopher, Otto Neurath, by the way). And it is not a C++ course.

So, here I am. Almost drowned. Given that my brain is only occupied by 10%, I tried to push another 10% with “how in the world, the mind of C creator can think of this way“.I fascinated by its simplicity yet powerful. And if I am not drowned and survive this time, I’ll be drowned and who knows – what I’ll be next time anyway. Better now than later. Beside, it is a good time to learn C because I just start to learn AI – that is another 10%. Yet another 10% will be for garbage collection of whatever happen- that- will- make -me- back- to- hell- (and back)- again.

I think I am good at this (I rarely complement myself, but well, I am inded).


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