Happy Learning


using namespace std;

int main (){


As for the rest of the world probably are willing to quit everything for the end-year holiday, you know-beach, shopping, family gathering and whole I- wish- I- will- have- those- before- I- die, I enthusiastically called upon my mind to get acquaintance with one of  the most terrifying yet appealing language in the whole IT world, C++. Yes, finally, I got those aufklarung during my regular trip by Japanese city train. That idea just popped-up in my mind. Maybe my brain’s network speed is not high enough to handle that full-logic-human-unreadable language, but I soon realize, this is my PhD research and  I have to master  in the grey field of architecture and computing (not architectural computing) .

In computing world, the most basic lingua franca is , well, C/C++.

Just as hype as Obama’s word, I cried: Yes, I can!

At the beginning, well, it turn out not as terrifying as I expected. (curiosity and passion if half of understanding achievement in all learning process, I think). I found it was familiar with my previous language: Python. (Of course C++ is tha grandfather of Python). I must be misunderstood with another low-level language : assembler. (well, THAT is machine-only readable language). C++ is simple, logic, structured and…chick. Oops, don’t judge it too soon, I just only getting to know by it’s cover and slightly it’s underneath.

What I am going to pursue is artificial intelligence algorithm and genetic algorithm. The two are foundations in my research on crowd simulation. Where is the architecture? Architecture is raison d’etre and the paramount.

What’s not to like being learning in holiday time?  free un-disturbing time, high class computers, big-wide screen, high speed internet access, appropriate research budget, plus  I can do whatever I wanna do.

That is NOT happy life, but OK life.




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