Character Modeling Re-visited

Seriously, these weeks I command myself to learn on what any 18 years old or something boy/girl  out there already mastered. Character modeling and rigging completely in Blender. After several hours of sculpturing – of course depend on what level of detail you may desire, I found that modeling was less complex than put array of bones and joints in order to made them alive. And also, It much enjoyable. There a lot of approach to begin 3D character modeling in Blender. If you want to focus on the figure – means that the proportion and  human anatomy is likely much more important than – say, it face, – than you may use very simple 3D polygon – subdivide-cut loop with additional tools like mirror and subsurf. It’s very handy. I must say that if I can draw 2D any figure in front and side view, I can 3D modeled it. Other approach is likely more detail than first one. It begins to use surface or plane instead of volumetric object. The advantage is, you may easy to define and develop model from higher detail -like mouth or eye, any elements with holes without troublesome. But this approach is more time consuming since you must model as you grow skins. Not muscles.

Rough modeling

Rough modeling

Either approach can be used independently and complementary. You may model low-poly of figure using polygon approach, and then using surface approach for the head  as well as other as you pleased. I spent two-three work days to be familiar with the workflow, back and forth with human anatomy and hotkeys. (Although it makes back of my right palm fatigued a little bit).

Character modeling

Character modeling

There are tons of Blender character modeling tutorials on the net. If you are new, like me and you want to do character modeling for fun or other serious purposes there are some concepts you must consider to understand well :

1. The hierarchy of polygon, so to speak. Faces, edges and vertices. These are building blocks of poly-modeling. All 3D sculpturing techniques are basically  to edit and modify  these elements as easy as possible.

2. The basic modifier tools : translation, rotation and scale. These tools are the only necessary tools to modify building blocks into lifelike creatures.

3. Always use background image of creature figure you want to create. I am not an artist with a gift of imagining human proportion well, so I must rely on the stencil before I make further detailing.

4. Pain in the ass as these processes take a lot of time and agony. But as long as you enjoy it, it soon become more interesting than you may think. You will even become more intrigued by the newly technique for 3D sculpturing in other software named Z-Brush. If I am an artist and I am 13, I will start using Z-Brush right now.


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