How We Enjoy Live in the City?

What makes city enjoyable, livable and memorable? My friend ask me. Of course it belongs to the research almost as old as the city itself. From Lynch, Cullen, Lang, to Koolhass and Hadid. But what stroke me the most is that question. I recall what they said of Steve Ballmer about Google : They are (Google) just an illusion. I know he might wrong. Personally, maybe I think city itself will become illusion. I just know where to go, where I like to go because I used to go there. I somehow made adjustment to my physical environment with my memory . We all made adjustment to the city we lived. If I happen to be beamed suddenly to a completely new city (like the one in Eureka) – with all Lynch’s elements and all urban designer’s recommendations- Do this city livable for me? Depend, of course.

What makes city good is different to what makes city looks good. I think it’s all about money. The city is good if it is supported by reliable infrastructures. Most city in my home don’t have sufficient infrastructure to support its activities. Network system, waste system, and all system to support us as mobile communities. By that only requirement, I think I would love to live in there.

That’s is the basic needs of the city. The others are just to make them memorable. We are not suffering if we don’t have one.

What I am going to pursue is, the infrastructure IS the illusion. Always we- designers treat them taken for granted as if they already pre-installed (with latest patch-so they capable to handle city expansion or natural disasters). We are busy with memorable space, sense of place and other amenities without considering that those are all gone and nonsense without infrastructure.

I  have some cities that are so memorable but ironically some are just give me trauma event to think about. So memorable city does not mean livable or furthermore, enjoyable.


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