Life at a First Bite

I think I am going to be so enjoy in cooking. I can not stand any Japanese culinary. Not because their variety nor freshness. All Japanese food are fresh and notably hygiene. But they are lack of spices. Most Japanese foods are just plain, or if there is any taste in it, very modest. Sometime they mix something with other things in very awful strange way. I am very fond of any food with lot of spices. Most South East Asian I think are full of spices. Thai, Malay, Vietnam, and China are among my all time favorite. If I can not cook, I can no longer eat.

That’s why I learn how to mix ingredients, raw materials, cooking oil in a way that can produce output which at least can be eaten delightfully by me. Some were extremely successful as if I thought it been cooked by my mom. Some were failed and had to go to trash bin because it was already formed carbon. And because I usually eat by arrange my foods composition in at least three layers: main course (usually chicken, beef, egg, tempe, or simply salted fish), side dish (any processed vegetables or simply fresh one or, lalapan) and third side-kick (usually, sambal or crackers), I always came up to cook more than one round. It is entertaining and simply enjoyable.

Some other time I want more challenge to cook more complicated cuisine. But sadly, it required more than just basic ingredients, it required raw material that I assume can never be found in Japan. Like, baby-Jackfuit (very young Jackfruit), even the one that I only knew by its native name : kluwek. However, I am satisfied enough to master few cuisines that I can choose for my menu each day. And the most important is, it has great deal to save my money.

Well, among other things, I hope I can discover my hidden skill. At least, I can more enjoy life by exercising my tastes. The great food is not only depend on their price or taste but depend on how grateful I be at the first bite after cooking with empty stomach.


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