I am one of who is not so keen to look for 2009 onward. Economic crisis and its domino effects, general election in Indonesia (sure it will be another turmoil years), terrorism everywhere (where everyone claims they are the only truth or..whatever their hidden agenda is), prices will be rising in all means.

I just pray for my little princess, one in 200 millions Indonesian, for all safety. I hope your mother fulfill all your needs, nurturing you with all cares and loves, protecting you from whatever happen in the world outside, teach you lessons in life. For you, part of me still feels guilty about what will going to happen next on your childhood. More than anything I scare  for not having you by my side.

It may be not so bright near future, my dearest heart. Your mother will work extra hard as I am no longer be part of it – as a family. I am working hard just to be somebody one day you will be proud of and somebody to take you to more decent place. I know and I feel this life is not life I ever imagine or you ever dream.

Dear God, help us. Help her and her mother for their struggle in a long road.

Help me to forgive the past


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