Cleaning Service At Heart

Contrary to other foreigners I know, Japanese are very picky when come to hygiene. We know story of clerk man who bring back his lunch rubbish because he could not find any trash bin in his office. Sure, it`s looks gimmick in my milieu but alas, it is very normal here.

I am very early in my lab usually, and always meet group of men and women in their mid-ages, with uniform and always smiley-face, busy with cleaning. I`d been told that Japanese is always serious in any matters, no matter how boring and loussy their job is. I bet some of them is a father or mother or even grandfather or grandmother. The way they always smile at us – not particular at me, I guess, make me even more appreciate and hounouring their works. And mentioning about their work, cleaning service really means cleaning. From every blackboard in every classroom, every desk in classroom, even they are watering any plants in our laboratories. Don`t event complain about unpleasant odors in public toilet, they will make sure no bacterias exist. Their service is cleaning environment which is unclean, we demand those service and they provide them, everyday, on a exact timetable. Service really means something here.

Ah, dear, I feel so little before them. I think I have been doing so much work everyday. We are the youngster usually think we are the busiest, no time for those and these. I think I will never mention busy in front of Japanese anymore.

Sometime I reflect this situation to mine. Sometime I complaint about the messy in my office, back in my university. They said we are already had internal cleaning service. By internal means we employ old or maybe young related fellows to do job that actually requires more attention than they may think. But nothing change, my office floor was dirty, my desk covered with dust and always – they never clean up dirty glasses. Of course, I know my position, I am too young to give orders and so then, I began to clean up for myself. No problemo at all. For me just do not proclaim we have cleaning service.

No, the problem is not about money nor about scope of work. They are smart – maybe Japanese counterpart are more dull. They can but they just won`t. I must admit that we are lazy.

And those laziness are contiguous. We are lazy to do something useful but we think we deserve something. We are lazy to think useful but we think we deserve miracles. In my humble opinion, this is root of evil of corruption. We are all want to gain something -huge- without any pain. By pain I mean all of it manifestations. I also sometime confuse with the jargon ; Do not work hard, work smart. This is NSFW. You can work smart only if you already experience how hard your work is.

Meh. I recall one of Bill Maher jokes about Bush.

Bush said that we- American must think outside the box. I said to him. Mr. President, that thinking is for smart people. You, you must think inside the box. The box is FOR you.


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