Why, oh why?

Because of my body rest, I had more time to read. I don’t know why I begin to more and more fascinated by mathematics – not in ‘calculus-ian’ way (I am still not that smart to talk about it) , but mathematics as a body of knowledge – the only knowledge which seeks for the true ‘truth’. Kind of belief or religion or spiritual quest – in fact Plato seen Math as  the only way to speak in God’s language. This is the root of all human reasoning which lead to human civilization.

To be seen not as complicated-painful-heartache subject of learning as I happen to study along my childhood years (I know it happen also to you, my fellows Indonesian), math can be fruitfully enjoyable. I can not understand why after my completion of my second graduate study, I finally can grasp the concept of arithmetic (add, multiply, and soon) and condition (true, false). What a waste, oh no..in Edison’s words this is called phase, not waste. I remember back in elementary school one day, I had been told to stood in front of the class and speak aloud the multiplication from 1×1 to 9×9…hehe.. Why we had not been told on how and why 1+1=2 instead of memorize it, I simply don’t know.

Hopefully if in the near future my own daughter tells me that she’s been taught math as I’ve learned math, I urge go to her school and give her teacher lesson about math!. Unbelievable if it still happen in 22th century, more than 2500 years after first human being aware of their intellectuality to reason everything through mathematics.

I am not mathematicians, I had C in college through tiresome welfare although I felt that some because my professor did not intended to made his students learned math, but to made accomplishment on his own (hihihi, actually, it happen that he usually spoke to himself or to blackboard during class). I knew that if only I got taught by visionary professor who not only see math as empirical means, I got better understanding, better vision, maybe I already hold PhD right now and sees architecture in very different perspective.

That makes me fascinated to read architecture not in classical aesthetic way points but rather from an already neglected by most architectural schools – mathematic’s way of looking glass. Why? As few architectural scientists and mathematicians concern, architecture must be brought back to the root of its originality: art and mathematics. We are now witnessing architecture is blanketed by mathematical methapors as they are treated like pure justification on the beautifulness of form and space.

However, I still believe that whoever teach math in elementary school someday must be hold PhD in science or engineering. Our next generation’s way of thinking is on stake. Children, why 1+1=2? Why 1/0 =~?


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