Little present

Dear my beloved daughter,

Rest in bed for almost two straight days apparently good for my physical health recovery, but not at all for my physiological state. Strange weather these days in Japan accumulates in my biorhythm. At the end, I gave up. My mind has to let my body to rest. The only reason I have to enjoy this life is because I have a lot of work and study to do. Keep my mind busy and do not let it plays trick on me.

But I am human afterall. I keep thinking about you and how sad I am not be able to be with you for years to come. So I run and looking for a present for you, just to remind me that I have somebody to take care of. It is not something so special, just something that I can imagine when you use it. Yeah, I can imagine you play with them, mumbling with them, I remember last time we play together all day. Yeah..those days, I will never forget.

Rest in bed clearly not good for my mind. I know I swallow my medicine this times and it`s bitter. I hope someday I will get used to these conditions as bitter is not bad after all for my quality of life. Only when my mind is idle I begin intoxicated by my past. Many men fall apart because of this, I tell you.

Don`t worry dear, for your upcoming birthday, I will prepare something special for you, just like any other birthday. I know I can not come to whish you, but tell me, is there something I wouldn`t  do? I really hope someday you are be able to write to me.


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