Theorizing architectural`s theory (not a book`s title)

The more time you spent your time in school the more you understand your misunderstanding.

For about almost five years I`ve spent my time as undergrad of architecture in early 90`s. After graduation, only few remain in my brain about what is architecture, what is a set of knowledge that I am suppose to master in order to serve my society as a designer. This is particular I am. Most of my friends who are at top 5%  did knew a lot of architecture stuffs. Not as graphical or visual entities. Serious stuff.

Apparently this symptom is not typical in my school or Indonesia as we are relatively new in architectural school of thought. Architects are always interested in form and visual interconnection. Not to mention typical architect`s behavior which is..(always) put them self as master builder who has melancholic ego of spatial relationship. My friend once said architecture cannot be taught, it must be experienced. But in school we must learn something and it is our obligation to make architecture can be learned. Other thing is subjectivity. Unlike other theory that free from bias and subjectivity, so called architecture theory is objectifying subjectivity. How we can make unified theory of architecture that mostly based on human feeling?

No, no that is misleading argument. The more I read about architecture theory, the more I am interested in the fact that many researchers already seek on how to measure the quality of architecture in order to develop basis knowledge of architecture. Most thinker still believe in architect`s power to manifest ideas in the form of design process. But, what is the secret behind design process? Why we perceive some buildings as nice while others are not even though designed by `star` architect? As most architecture theories developed by architects or architecture academicians, these theories still debatable. Contrary to science theories which are based on experiments and solid conclusion, architecture theory is questionably its validity.

That`s why I am looking from other point of view such as from mathematicians and computer scientists. Surprisingly, there are plenty of them research in the field of architecture. Mathematicians are look for the pure theory of architecture proportion and computer scientists seek for the secret of design process.

After I finished read a lot of their books I hope I can understand why up until now we are still debating on how to value beauty in architecture.


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