Kick-Ass, Slay Monster

I ‘have just  completed Call of Duty 4: Modern Welfare on my 360. I think it is best WWII First Person Shooter game by far. Usually I got motion sickness by playing these type of games, partly because they’re moving so fast (look at Unreal, Halo and others). In CoD 4 there are some stories that you plays role as sniper (which is, by the way, my favorite), or bomber pilot or just infantry. The whole story and environment is superb. I felt like in the Black Hawk Down scene for a while. The Graphic is unquestionably astonishing and with Xbox Live multiplayer game, this game surely kicks Counterstrike‘s ass back to the stone age.

Speaking of which I really can’t wait for the upcoming game by Ubisoft (one of my favorite game developer) : Prince of Persia. I played this game long before the dawn of modern console and Nvidia. And now for the newest installment, I am more convinced by the new cell-shaders rendering system, new fable-like environment and, of course new acrobatic-combat system. I think I can still remember the metamorphosis from 8-bit to 32-bit and still I am hooked.

to this

I hope I can still slay some monsters or preacher who likes to abuse child in the name of his God or his prophet or worse, his religion.


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