Simply Irressistible

I convince myself one day I will write a decent-Indonesia language Blender book. Nothing to do with culinary, it is Blender know-how, the 3D application software. It is already packed with most editing and manipulating tools that we, designers always use and need to use. It has capability to handle motion capture data which is valuable for kinetic-based animation. It has superb render engine (in its internal engine and in its infant version !). Now, in 2.48 it’s game engine is equipped with Bullet Physic Engine (MIT licensed).

Bullet Physic Engine maybe is not apple-to-apple compare to,say, Autodesk’s Havoc or NVidia’s Aegia but it is more than enough to simulate fluid, softbody, rigidbody, clothes and other particle-based animation bound to Newton’s law. It is powerful to create physic-based animation system of, say, structural deformations, force and tension of structural members.

And way fun to create a game of : How to demolish a house!

But most of all, is it’s extensibility via Python script. In my language, we can understand the logic behind every command and we can create any logic, any command for any particular purposes. This is the juicy part of open source system, and it is inevitably important for research purpose.

One day when I understand how all parts of its system put in together, I will contribute to society by writing a little notes about this. I always thought that we are not necessary imprisoned by one regime of CAD system. We are poor, we cannot afford world-class CAD system. If there is other alternative that even better for both academic and practical scale, I will campaign for it wholeheartedly. 🙂


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