Where is The Architecture?

Let say we live in virtual world, so all these followings will meet a justification.

It helps me too to restructuring my thoughts.

I will research about autonomous agent(s) or autonomous avatar or people and their relationship with their surrounding environment particularly on the context that (architecture/urban) design plays significant role in their behavior. Lets say (emergency, panic, queue) behaviors. How will they react? which path do they choose? How will they behave? I see what will coming next: behavior variables, algorithms to construct behaviors as well as `real` behavior in which I intend to simulate, and of course design parameters and others I might overlook.

This is not novel research or breakthrough simulation in the field of computer science. Since 1990 this has been a long standing researches range from artificial intelligence to robotic applications. But, in architecture and design in general, rarely we found anybody who look this potential field into architectural purposes. I began questioning my intention. Maybe is it too hard? Is it in grey area? Architecture IS always in grey area. It makes sense to me since simulation researches begin to play important role for environmental design.

My intention evolves into question: Where do I begin? computer science (artificial intelligence)? social science (human behavior)? or built environment?

From computer modeling, I study how to code so called human perception and cognitive system. Two parts which responsible for human behaviors. Of course this is a simplification of human behavior system. But that is out of my research. Many studied sensory systems and memory systems. I will evaluate each method so then I will choose the best method for further development in my research. But this is just the beginning. I must also deal with motor systems, representation, interaction as well as simulation validation and verification.

From social science, I study the nature of human behavior, collective behavior, pedestrian behaviors. Social science told me that human behaviors is as complex as the structure of neuro-network that build the behaviors. SImulation only just to reduce this complexity in the context of space, event and time. There are standards of particular behavior which already well-accepted. This would be input for the behavior modeling I later develop.

From built environment, well, this my object of research. Environmental design (architecture and urban) will become field experimentation of my people. I am still looking for subject to focus in which part of design my experiment will take into action.

Anyhow, still six months more to understand those three domains before taking further step to develop my own model. God, I love this life. Full of curiousity and passion.

I hope my endurance remain full until the end of this quest, and God, thank you.


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