In The Cocoon of Academia

Finally I got registered as doctor student (D1). I got new student ID, new data storage quota, new research budget, new email account, and hardly believed, new life. Even I will get new laboratory next year and its quietly sure that I will (again) in charge of all IT-related stuff in our new lab. One of my post-doc colleague has been assigned as senior lecturer in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, so he will go abroad for at least two years. Until then, I will sit in the same command-center. And I still love my bicycle, as well.

Nothing much change from last study except more complicated and that bears more responsibility. Being a graduate student is about being responsible as an independent researcher. Like we have been granted a binocular in which we can see particular things we want to see more clearly. A PhD student is nothing but kind of  person who bring a torch so that rest of us can see in the darkness even though there is nothing to be seen there. By such, we actually know nothing at first – and maybe we accomplish nothing at the end.

At least, we lit the torch, though.

Of course we become more confident in the sense of our (soon-to-be-ours) expertise. And that is only because we read and seek a lot. We dig deeper than anyone else, we questioning everything a lot more than everyone else. Aside of those, we just plain human. Not knowing everything, not mastering everything.

To hear is to forget, to see is to remember, to do is to understand – Confucius said once.


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