What is new in creativity?

I made a short writing on digital creativity for electronic journal in architecture, Universitas Indonesia. I hope they will accept my paper. For some reasons, it did not happen to me to submit to my school journal or any other publishing media, mainly because there is none.

Here is the preview

Design always comes with something that we actually try to re-invent in both conscious and unconscious minds. Be it a set of theories (Rowe, 1987), paradigm (Broadbent, 1988), or principles (Lawson, 1997) to be further developed what is to be called as ideas. The root of de-sign itself indicate strong relationship between cognitive endeavor and conceptualization yet long before realization (Terzidis, 2006). By the immersive contribution of computer technology in architecture design realm, researches recently attempt to contribute in the intertwining relationship between computer and human mind.
This short paper present brief study of recent theories and methods in architecture design process, in the particular aspect of mutual relationship between cognitive exploration and computational-based form-space generation. Thus, it is expected that creativity, a novel ability that we are –human only possessed can further be elaborated, enhanced by means of digital thinking.

Here is the complete .pdf



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