Learning From Stanford

For the sake of my study, I take Programming Language and Computational Model Course this semester. This is very interesting and promising course considering my research topic is about computational model of behavioral simulation. Browse and got news from Lifehacker, I found myself lucky to get online free engineering course at Stanford University. This is the example when we talk about e-campus, or e-learning or e-university or continuing education. I gratitude MIT`s Opencourseware as a pioneer of this initiative, but in SEE, you can sit down and watch full length of course as you were there. Not just handout, lecture notes, exercises, I think video material (with appropriate authoring and editing) is the most important factor in e-learning. You can understand why after you attend one of those classes.

And how about the cost of developing such e-learning? I always personally being one who believes quality is always better than quantity. Instead of pursuing quantity of e-learning material, why can`t we focus in preparing all the infrastructures for  delivering a piece of work of learning material in digital form. Good example of e-material always comes with good content and good package. Content is unquestionable. So the common challenge is always the package. Clear and proper video resolution, multi angle camera, high-fidelity sound. This simple ingredients is enough to broadcast learning content with value. And we may expect, good value will increase good demand. Not necessary packed with whole visual-effect or motion graphics, contents will speak itself if delivered from reputable source (questionable mode=0) backed with appropriate authoring methods(questionable mode=1).

This topic is kind of makes me eager to do something to my school someday. We could do just like in SEE, maybe better. We just need people with initiatives and endurance with sense of quality of content. This is one of concrete example of continuing education in which my school is always talking about. Offcourse we are not talking about internet speed and funding issues or any other technical obstacles.

I assume we are live in perfect world.


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