Now I understand

I had once never understood by the fact that one of my colleague back in university did not had a television in his house. Instead, he  lets his children play with internet. Being a visual entertainment-fans myself it is unbelievable. How come in 21st century, someone hates those magic box? Because of its bad influences both by its consumerism-driven programs or its psychological effects for infants (on recent research)? But why internet? Doesn`t it has similar effects as well?

Now I understand. If you have huge bandwidth with low-flat cost that doesn`t sweat you every month, internet IS NOT something that you want, but something that you need. It is ubiquitous. It is not just because it is the biggest library, biggest collection of whatever but also it is a universe, platform or the otherness. Just like when you trying to describe what is design, internet is undefinable because on whatever, you can do it with internet (of course not that kinda things).

And it is a good things.

I begin to think that internet could be the primary factor to boost my country level of education. Like I said, on education, we can do anything with internet. And if everything is well managed, within 10-20 years we will have generation Y`s with way better on competitive edges than those with P4 (Pancasila`s user guide). Investing in low-orbital satellite to broadcast high speed internet stream (like in near future Japan) is investing for our own future.

But first, please don`t throw us low class criminals like bribery, corruption, street anarchy and hooligans. If so, this nation will need way better class of criminals.


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