Stepping Stone Number 3

Finally, that announcement has arrived. I am officially passed the entrance examination for doctor program at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo. Grateful as I am, I begin to think how lucky I am. It is means everything to me for anything that had been lost. This is another stepping stones in my new life. The first and the second is during my master study. Pretty tough and I just can say I am blessed to get through. Little voice in my head keep saying to not give up. I am not going to give up, what I am afraid is what I might be when my wish is finally comes true. Like I said, my God is always good to me. He maybe not give me an apple cake straight from the oven, instead He give me the ingredients. Not good to taste at first but worth the wait until whole cake is finally baked.

Well, it is not bad being a PhD student, is it? Espescially when you have nothing to worry about, completely in control of your own destiny. The only thing that matters is to achieve the best I can do. Not only because it is an obligation to get a PhD, but more subtle it is a way where I can be the man I always want to be.

For all the things that I`ve done, I thank and not in regret. Maybe I am going a little bit crazy, but in a good way. I am in a good mood.


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