Can I get this time?

As I`d predict, today, in entrance examination for PhD study, I had warm discussion about my research topic. Proposed research topic is Crowd Behavior for Design Assessment Method. I propose this as one of frontier research in the architecture field that can be a bridge to informatics engineering and behavioral science. We already had CAD in geometry model, CFD in energy model and now behavioral-based model for simulation tool in architecture design. Hence, crowd behavior simulation seems to be an answer to contribute toward user-centric design. I think it is sound challenging (a.k.a difficult).

Thankfully, most of the panels are from architecture design, urban design and other system engineering field that (maybe) already familiar with computational-based simulation tool but (maybe) unfamiliar with crowd behavior. What is that thing? What? you want to `put` intelligent on your autonomous agent? what is autonomous agent? I tell you, on the extreme case if you already seen LOTR – the battle on Helm`s Deep, that`s crowd behavior. What is it anything to do with architecture – and design?. As I mention before, it simply because why we – as designer doesn`t have (yet) behavioral-based simulation system for our design process – as a tool?

I know it`s going to be tough one. I can foresee those ripples. And after this morning examination I just realize that I am so darn too confident for this. Am I too stupid?  I just know that this is what I love to do next which will occupied my life and I want to make a living with this. I got goosebumps because I am worry for my grey cells. Those guys to whom I will rely all my life. Wake up guys, run with me.

If I got chance to pass this exam, I finally get what I want to study.

Well, I do not usually get what I want though,  like Rolling Stones said : You Can`t Always Get What You Want


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