Tarsem`s The Fall

Ever since The Cell, I`ve fell in love with his imagination. This is not movie, it is motion photographs. I can cut every scene into frames and get amazing photographs. Maybe story is not necessary important here, we just get pampered with amazing color composition, perspective-ly perfect composition..and..the scale..HMOG..just unpredictable. I still wonder where on earth he can get surrealistic landscapes, buildings and atmosphere. I know one for sure, in Bali..hehe

The way he designed every costume and metaphor in every role is awesome, even though  I am not a fashionista, I still can sense how good it is. Maybe his team deserve for Oscar this year. I hope they will.

Yet, this movie is all about imagination. Thus, no need explanation about the surrealism here and there. Just sit and wow the motion pictures. If China has Zhang Yimou, Indonesia has Garin Nugroho, Hollywood has Guellirmo Del Torro, then India has Tarsem.


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