What is empathy really means

Here in Japan, I kind of feel new meaning of service. Any kind of services. From school administration, post officer, bank clerks, local authority, even undercover cops. Here service comes along with politeness and thoroughness. Japanese means business is probably common local wisdom that we’ve already heard many times.When it comes with service they really meant it with additional courtesy called empathy. Undercover cops usually come to you and politely showed their badge and asked for your identity card. No superior gestures or any narcissism attributes are necessary. And if we are indeed legal citizen, they will apologize for bothering us. Apologize for something they’ve been paid for. It’s really rare in my recollections. We surely feel safe and comfort around those guys not the other way around as usually happen in places I’ve  known.

Shop keepers are another example of Japanese long tradition of courtesy. They probably are not speaking English but they will treat you well. They will explain anything about product you’re interested in from A to Z, even if you are ignoring them or you are not want to buy. They just smile, sincere, and apologize. Not you, they will. And if you did bought something, they will wrap it like it really precious items. Indeed, it is precious whatever it be. It customer property. If it rain outside, they automatically wrap your item with plastic so rain will not ruins them. Small attention to detail do really catch me. And don’t even think about being fooled by them. Japanese is always trustworthy and I hope it will be. No worry about spend money to the items that are not that worth. No perkeliruan here.

In my school, service also provide by school co-operation (coop). Small shops that handle everything. Everything from daily needs, school equipment to apartment searching, amazon and any online bookstores order, flight ticket, credit card purchasing and God knows what else. I think they are what they stand for. Student services. We are very convenience by services they provide us. And by that not only just buy-sell kind of matters, they will keep in touch with us on what we order. If anything happen, they will immediately contact us for suggestion and they are very welcome on whatever our decision will be. Again, politeness and empathy. Whatever that makes us easier and convenience. If anything can go easier why make it hard? So we can become better person? I don’t think so.

I am sure that I am not type of sanguin person, not at all. These kind of customs make me feel at home. Not home but, my ideal home – maybe this is my home used to be. These people may be weird in some way of point of view but they are nice to other people even to strangers. They always smile and sincere.

I really hope someday my neighborhood will become more civilized. Religion is sure our guidance but too much rely on those biblical words literally is really not wise thing. Too many abstraction has to adapt to this millenium challenge. Other, clean is good. Transparency and accountability in a system is a must, but it is not necessary to take away the empathy. If the system runs without empathy it will loose it grease to run smoothy. (This last sentence is for my almamater)


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