A Boy’s Toys

I just read a -not surprising news today that PC gaming industry only is a $10.7 Billion industry (PC Gaming Alliance). That’s only PC platform, not to mention Wii, PS3, XBox, PSP, DS and others digital entertainment. Surely, this number will be pulled-up within next time of creative invention or so. More and more people seem to enjoy their digital lifestyle with game. Why? Is that our teenage-hood toys being occupied by all people? Why do they like (digital) games? Are their REAL life is soo boring and dictated by their destiny?(I think this no.1 answer!). Games, representation,simulation, whatever it will be, will soon become our alternate universe, heh?

I remember when Ross told Chandler that “in year 2020 there will be a computer that has very powerful power and we can save our entire life in there and life forever …as a machine“.:-) And Chandler said “..and I just realized I can sleep with my eyes open..”


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