Hollier than I

You know who is the best listener in the world? God is.

When my mind drags me into the deepest agony where no one seems to understand including
myself . No parents, no best friends, no one knows me better  than I. But even I fail to comprehend
the nature of this vain, then God is there.

They said talk with others will help to disperse and makes you feel better with your problem. That, I sought
is just on the surface- just the peripherals. What is lies underneath is really about I and the only one who
creates me, God. With Him, I barely using words, words can not describe true expression from my soul to Him. The language we use is not by words, but by faith.
I believe He listens to me on everything I think before pray. He always listens, waits and waits. I begin to think He always waits. At the time in pray when is the intimate connection between us (at least I thought so
and so does my thankfulness and my complaints), I feel free to express myself without words. I feel naked with all my sins exposed, my hypocrisy, and I cannot lie or hide anything anymore. True me before Him tries to understand why that happen to me and what is His purpose by those.

Contrary to any best healer, He always grants sympathy and mercy. He grants me sparkling into my feeling allow me to look something differently. Grants me passageway into my mind that allow me gain my strength and compassion on what really matters. One grant at a time. To keep me moving on, not too slow, not too fast so I could fell again. He never bother  on whatever I complaining about. I feel He just  smile at me and said : Be patient for I know what will come.

The Pandora box always this is. What will come. I don’t pray because I want His heaven. He already knew
whoever worth. I don’t pray for my good deeds demanding His rewards.
I do pray because I need Him as my soul companion. For me as His master of the universe
and His best creation, I need guidance. Guidance for life His planned for me.
I always know He always blesses me with His love and never let me down.



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