On this noon

Today is my judgment day. I have fully prepared my presentation. Powerpoint, Unity3D, Blender, web connection, projector, laser pointer, all set up. The three judges also already came with prepared question regards of my thesis report I sent to them weeks before. Nervous? of course. That’s way I always appreciate student who already prepare for presentation. A well-prepared presentation follows prepared mind. Always. And what comes next is confident.

On this noon, I have experienced good judgement- defend process of a final examination. I present my project, judges give comment, questioning my research, all in a realm of academic endeavor. This is what final exam is all about. Not insulting any of student’s intellectual capacity, or showing off what our knowledge and wisdom are all above student comprehension, and therefore they have to digest whatever comes from us. Questioning, or rather verification-ing is due to the reality that I, in this case is the one who spent entire year to focus on my study. I know better than others. What to verify is whether I found significant result on my research, and whether is worth research.

On this noon with all my pray to my God to grant His mercy. I pray for all my sin and foolishness. I pray for all His mercy for my endurance. I thank for all that happen in my recent life. Although I had biggest expectation which became biggest disappointment, I thank for all that will become.

I thank for this path I chose. I am dear for myself.

On this noon, I finally can get my Master of Engineering (M.Eng).

Furthermore, I am qualified to entrance examination for PhD study.


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