The first time



They said there must be a first time for everything. Today, I just received my first digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) Nikon D40x with dual lenses. One is 18-55mm and other is 55-200mm. Effective resolution is up to 10.2MPx and..well nothing more I can say.. it’s Nikon baby!..DSLR, my first DSLR.

I never imagine to have such DSLR before. I love photography but to me to have DSLR is way beyond my other priorities. It seems that I usually late for everything that may comes across. When my friends told me that DSLR was way cool and they already had it, I cannot afford one for some reasons. Not until last week I  still didn’t bother to buy Nikon DSLR. I had another priority. But I guess, it’s called destiny. You just know when its finally yours. Don’t bother to expect anything. It will yours when it’s yours.

Naah.. Obong festival is coming, Ph.D entrance exam is coming, summer festivals are all around Japan and with this baby in my hand probably this summer will be as I may expect.

One spark of happiness at a time, still dead inside. Whatever.


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