HMoG,How many enough is enough?

Semantically, that’s equal to Alamaak, or Aji gileee in Indonesian slang. I just dig and it came with zillion links to Python sources. From tutorial to ready-to-apply scripts to e-books!. I just mentioned Python will be my next language to be mastered. (other is Java, of course!). There are two e-books I begin to read on :

1. Think Python – Allan Downey, Green Tea Press, 2008 (actually, free e-book), 210 pages : Very well human-readable book. Easy to comprehend and not so geek-y.

2. Learning Python 3.0 – Mark Lutz, O’Reilly, 2007 (‘not’ supposed to be an e-book), 748 pages : Standard O’Reilly reference book with animal figure at the cover (this time, mouse)

Well, the battle cry is announcing itself and what I wish for is revealing. Come on, Blender, let’s we start  getting to know each other. You and your little pet are very welcome in my mind, and I am not kind of snake-phobia.


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