What is your contribution?

This vaguely question will remains in me for the next three years, and probably more. I mean, the nature of study in a realm of PhD (or Dr.of Eng, here in my school) is to DISCOVER something, for whatever it means. Discover new knowledge, new methods, new materials, all at the matter of added contribution in our own field of expertise. For such pursue, we have to master what we study. That is the theoretical background. We have to make sure we had overlooked and understand the nature and the root of what we are going to master. We have to map where will we stand out of the crowds. In a PhD realm, our classroom is the whole world of our knowledge. Our colleagues are the PhD’s around the world. That’s because our contribution will be regards as newly, novelty, worth mentioned in world-scale publication.


But it’s not undoable. I believe we who’d chosen our path in this way is already knew that our journey is fascinating, yet really not easy. One regards this will be a never-ending living in vain (well, it will be end sometime). But one thing for sure, knowing what the prize will be upon us is make we are all keep dreaming and doing whatever we have to do.

To discover means to look, to seek, to search, to re-search for what is hidden for there will be no hidden that can not be revealed.


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