Why bother

I really appreciate on one of my former students for emailed me today. She need to know whether I  could share my experiences and knowledge for her upcoming thesis project. It is rare to find student who has interest in computer and design (and a woman). I hope I am not discourage her by  introducing her to the ‘near-headache experience‘ realm of digital (computing) architecture. I hope she will not get trapped by her own research methods to social-sciences-y method. Don’t follow my path. Get your own by refine it.

Seek, and thou shall find.

Nevertheless, I feel sad and little peculiar by knowing the fact that there still debatable environment, academic environment, regarding computer in design process. I am the one who certain in the future  computer will soon become our design partner – not tools anymore. I will swim in the deep pool of algorithm to find out what is digital architecture. Here, in 2008 we still struggling with our mindset. CAD or no CAD, still become big question. Why bother? or…Why so serious? Architects will use computer anyway no matter how. I believe we are chasing the wrong cat here.

Oh, my. I hope my school still has the vision. The technological institute must has technology in it.


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